Ride Rules

These rules are written for the safety and well-being of those attending Richmond H.O.G® rides and are designed to maximize everyone’s enjoyment.

  • Arrive prepared: full gas tank, fluids and tire pressure checked, proper gear and an attitude for fun
  • Times posted in the ride calendar are the departure times. Please arrive 30 minutes before for the pre-ride safety briefing.
  • All current chapter members need only to sign in on the ride sheet.

Non-chapter members need to sign the ride sheet and the make the notation that they are a guest. In addition, sign an Adult Waiver Release Form. Minors have two special releases: one to be signed by a parent or legal guardian Event Release for Minors and the second (for minors between the ages of 12 and 18 – a Minors Assumption of Risk– to be signed by the minor involved. You can fill these out at home and bring them with you or if you like and are the parent or legal guardian of the minor child the lead Road Captain will have a blank copy with them.

Richmond H.O.G® Functions under the following general guidelines:

All rides are led by a Lead Road Captain assisted by other qualified Road Captains – the Road Captain riding at the back of the pack is called the Sweep. Occasionally, on large rides, additional Road Captains will be within the group to assist riders and serve as Lead Road Captain should the riders become separated.
The Lead Road Captain will give a pre-ride briefing which will include the route, gas, and rest stops, a review of riding rules, and introduction of Road Captains for the ride, mention of any hazardous conditions discovered on the pre-ride and the destination plan. The Lead Road Captain will also review the group riding guidelines.
Richmond H.O.G® rides in a double row, staggered formation – the Lead Road Captain will ride in the left hand side of the lane and the next rider in the right hand side and so forth.
Riders will maintain at least a 2 second distance from the rider directly in front of them and 1 second behind the rider to their right or left. The actual distance will increase as speed increases – NOTE: if you can see the face of the rider diagonally in front of you in their mirror, you are too close. You are in their blind spot.
You “own” your entire lane- if a rider needs to swerve to avoid an obstacle or use another line through the corner of the lane must be clear. Do NOT slide up on the bike in front of you!
If gaps occur in the formation, they will be filled by moving to the other side of your lane (turn your head and look, the use your directional before moving) – do not “slide up” and pass the rider in front of you – this is illegal and unsafe.
Hand signals will be used as appropriate – these will be demonstrated at the pre-ride briefing.
Riders should try to maintain their starting position in the group for the entire ride. This will allow them to become comfortable with the riding style of those around them.
No one will be expected to ride beyond his or her comfort level.
We do not block lanes at stop signs and traffic lights. DO NOT run red lights or stop signs in an attempt to remain with the pack. The Lead Road Captain will be aware that the ride has become separated and will either slow down or stop and wait until the group is reunited.
If a rider has any problems they are encouraged to approach either the Lead Road Captain on a ride or any other available Road Captain. A problem cannot be solved if it is not addressed.
Ride your own ride: do not be tricked into blindly following the rider in front of you. Remain aware- you are responsible for your own safety!
All rides end at the destination. However it’s a always a good idea to carry a map of the local areas in case you are separated on the return.
If there is a problem or a breakdown the Sweep will stop with the disabled bike(s) and all other riders will continue on with the Lead Road Captain to a safe location before stopping.
Richmond H.O.G® rides are a drug and alcohol free events.
Richmond H.O.G® Chapter Alcohol/Drug Policy:
No alcohol before or during a H.O.G® ride Our chapter rides are alcohol free.
Anyone under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the start of a H.O.G® ride will be unable to participate at the discretion of the Lead Road Captain.
Anyone consuming drugs or alcohol during a H.O.G® ride will be asked to leave the ride by the Lead Road Captain.